There are many benefits to being an Offshore Alliance Member. As a member of Offshore Alliance you have access to a range of valuable services to ensure that you have the best working life, such as:

  • Representation for industrial, disciplinary matters and confidential advice;
  • Enterprise Agreement negotiation;
  • Workers’ Compensation legal advice and assistance;
  • Representation and support in WHS matters;
  • Free will kit from partnered Law firms;
  • Bereavement Payments;
  • Discounted Home Loans and banking services;
  • Representation for unfair dismissal cases and recovery of underpayments
  • Discounted shopping through Campbells Wholesale and Shoprite; and
  • As a member you’re part of the union movement, adding your voice and building your power at work.

Plus, Union fees are 100% tax-deductible.

Our number one concern is getting members the best pay, safety and conditions possible. Offshore alliance are specialised in dealing with the specifics of the offshore oil and gas industry. Our team has expertise in dealing with, and delivering for workers in offshore, we understand that your industry isn’t like any other and we bring experience that helps us deliver superior workplace outcomes.

Offshore Alliance members are fighting for:

  • secure jobs for all workers are automation and non-permanent work take hold
  • recognition from employers of the real and meaningful impacts of offshore work
  • better wages, safer conditions, and a voice at work

As an Offshore Alliance member, you’re entitled to the following benefits:

Negotiation of Wages and Conditions

The Offshore Alliance Unions negotiate workplace enterprise agreements, which outline your wages and conditions of employment. Employment conditions include annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, redundancy, ordinary working hours, overtime, break times, and superannuation.

Recovery of Underpayment of Wages and Superannuation

Your wages and conditions are determined by the National Employment Standards, the mining awards, the workplace’s enterprise agreements, and your contract of employment. This stuff can be complicated but if you have been underpaid the Offshore Alliance will make sure members receive their lawful entitlements.

Advice on WHS, Industrial and Workers’ Compensation Issues

Members have access to assistance on these matters through the OA Unions and our partnered Law Firms. If you need help with a workers’ compensation matter, please contact your Organiser. This is a no-cost service for members.

Fighting Unfair Dismissals

Unfair dismissals often happen with little notice and can be devastating to the lives of workers and their families. Unfair dismissal applications must be lodged within 21 days to the Fair Work Commission (FWC). So, if you think you have been unfairly dismissed, or are unsure, please contact your Organiser as soon as possible for your case to be reviewed.


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