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The Offshore Alliance was established in October 2018 to bring together the Australian Workers’ Union (AWU) and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA). The Offshore Alliance has already delivered excellent bargaining results for members – and has significantly improved the pay and conditions for workers in offshore oil and gas during the last 5 years. The Offshore Alliance is a unique opportunity for two powerful unions to join forces and represent the workers in the offshore oil and gas industry. Offshore Alliance membership gives you access to two of the most powerful blue-collar trade unions in Australia.

As an Offshore Alliance member, you received expert advice and representation on your workplace rights when you need it. Our organising team is backed by the legal expertise of two of the oldest and most industrially progressive unions in Australia.

Prior to the establishment of the Offshore Alliance oil and gas companies set about driving down the wages, conditions, job security, and occupational health and safety standards of workers in the hydrocarbon sector. That’s why Workers in the offshore oil and gas industry have come together to fight for:

  • Union Negotiated Enterprise Agreements with fair wages and conditions to replace dodgy, sub-standard (non-union) baseline agreements and common;
  • law contracts that haven’t been negotiated by or voted on by workers;
  • Permanent jobs for workers who are employed on regular rosters;
  • No compromise to occupational health and safety standards; and
  • Payment for all inductions, training, and medicals undertaken by workers in our union negotiated EBA’s

Since our establishment, we have delivered massive changes for the oil and gas industry. Our achievements include the following bargaining outcomes:

  • Immediate pay rise of up to 28% at Monadelphous on the INPEX Facilities;
  • Immediate $24,000 per annum pay increase plus 10.5% over the next 3 years at Legeneneering on the Woodside facilities;
  • Immediate pay increases of between $16,353 and $25,616 per year, plus new allowances, job security provisions and 24/7 income protection at ESS Inpex;
  • Immediate pay rise of 15%, plus an extra $15,000 once the agreement was approved by Fair Work at Sodexo Remote Sites;
  • Wage increases totaling 17% over three years, offers of permanent employment for 44 casuals, an increase in permanent pay rates, $2300 per week 24/7 income protection insurance, fixed rosters, and travel pay for Monadelphous employees at the Shell Prelude Floating Liquefied Natural Gas facility;
  • Offshore construction EBA’s for the 4 key offshore construction contractors; and
  • The first union negotiated Enterprise Agreement for ROV workers in over 9 years – with more to come.

If you work in offshore oil and gas it pays to be with the Offshore Alliance.

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