Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Join Offshore Alliance?
There are many benefits to being an Offshore Alliance Member. As a member of OA you have access to a range of valuable services to ensure that you have the best working life, such as:

  • Representation for industrial, disciplinary matters and confidential advice;
  • Enterprise Agreement negotiation;
  • Discounted personal income protection;
  • Workers’ Compensation legal advice and assistance;
  • Representation and support in WHS matters;
  • Free will kit from partnered Law firms;
  • Bereavement Payments;
  • Discounted Home Loans and banking services;
  • Representation for unfair dismissal cases and recovery of underpayments
  • Discounted shopping through Campbells Wholesale and Shoprite; and
  • As a member you’re part of this movement, adding your voice and building your power at work.

Plus, Union fees are 100% tax-deductible.


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