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March 30, 2021

In a massive outcome for AWU Members, Offshore Alliance members with Compass ESS have overwhelmingly voted in favour of a new EBA to apply to their work on the INPEX offshore facilities.

The Offshore Alliance brings together workers from the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and the Australian Workers Union (AWU).

The Enterprise Agreement provides immediate pay increases of between $16,353 and $25,616 per year, plus new allowances, job security provisions and 24/7 income protection. Compass ESS has now applied to the FWC for the approval of the agreement. The Offshore Alliance will be supporting the approval of the agreement.

Without strong union membership and good delegates, we would have the capacity we do to negotiate good outcomes for our members offshore.

Strong union membership means good EBA outcomes. The Offshore Alliance has been able to campaign to get rid of dodgy agreements and lock in EBAs with higher rates of pay and better conditions across the offshore hydrocarbon industry.

We cannot forget the massive efforts of our Sodexo members on the offshore facilities who battled for 3 long years to ensure that Sodexo did not put in place a baseline Agreement. The legal and industrial battles and the protracted periods of Protected Action on the Prelude, played a massive part in re-aligning industry standards for our offshore cooks and caterers. All of our offshore catering members are better off thanks to our members at Sodexo.

These outcomes have been achieved at a time when most Australian workers are battling to get a pay increase. This EBA has been negotiated amidst others in the industry seeking to undercut ESS through low-wage outcomes but the Offshore Alliance is ready to fight and ensure our members get what they deserve.

Key EBA Outcomes

1. Up-front pay increases of between $16,353 per annum and $25,616 per annum, based on classification.

2. Annual Pay Increases of 2% per annum for each year of the EBA;

3. Allowance of up to $5K per annum to the Head Chef and Chef Manager if POB is 150 for 75% of the time;

4. $1 per hour Night Shift Allowance;

5. Job Security Provisions to prevent your jobs being contracted out to bottom feeding labour hire contractors;

6. Special Leave provisions for employees seeking to ‘purchase’ 3 weeks additional leave per annum (with an option of cashing it in);

7. 24/7 Income Protection Insurance through Chifley Insurance;

8. Even Time Rosters locked in EBA (unlike current EA provisions);

9. Delegate Training Provisions;

10. Delegates Rights Provisions;

11. Dispute Settlement Procedure allowing for arbitration of disputes in FWC;

12. Superannuation clearly applying to all rostered hours of work (unlike current EA provisions);

13. Compassionate Leave extended to 3 days with an option for employees to use personal leave;

14. Taxi/Uber allowance to be used for either one way journeys or per swing;

15. Footwear allowance increased;

16. Jury Service Payment (annual salary less any Jury Service Allowance paid);

The negotiations were amicable with respect for the views of the Delegates, Members and the Union during the course of the EBA. There are plenty of employers who can learn from this approach.

The Offshore Alliance is growing in strength everyday but needs your support and help to improve pay and conditions across the industry. Join your union today.